Wednesday, October 1, 2008

War on Market Losses

A lot is being made in the media with anecdotal evidence that loans are harder to come by now for people, and that something needs to be done.

But, the *goal* for the credit market should be that it is harder to obtain credit now than it was a year ago. The problem with the financial market was that credit was too easy. Reform of the financials has to be that credit is tighter.

What I've heard mostly "in the media" is anecdotal evidence (usually interviews) with folks who think they should be getting credit but can't. Or had credit lines that are now reduced.

Obviously credit markets can "over-tighten" and grind things to a halt.

But the fact that credit is tightening and some people are having a harder time getting loans is not evidence that the credit market needs government intervention and manipulation.

I think the government is launching a new preemptive war. One to go on the end of their list of ill-thought wars on abstractions and inanimate objects (like the War on Drugs):

War on Market Losses

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